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The O.G. of bitchy, internet UK celebrities, Lily Allen herself has posted double demos on her MySpace page today. After just one day, she’s already got around 30,000 listens for each song. The first, “I Don’t Know,” is a sarcastic take on the lifestyles of the rich and plastic. Shame, I thought she was being serious initially. Dozens of points awarded for the phrase used in this post’s title, as well as “fuckloads of diamonds.” I love this song, truly. It’s both lush and cheeky, which are two of the most prized traits of pop. Take note of the photo as the album cover: Rachel Zoe. Ha. Ha.

“I Could Say” starts out with a warm piano melody. It’s very Kate Nash, though that sort of comparison is a bit redundant. The separating factor is the gradual introduction of trippy, synth beats that increasingly overwhelm the track. Not only that, but the vocals start to slip into lushness as well. It’s beautifully layered, and rich. It’s almost Imogen like, which is a real treat.

A wonderful start to whatever comes next, Lily.

On His Way

On His Way

In case some of you Muusers might have noticed, the download links accompanying

The GAME is On
Perfume Game

The GAME is On

Both of their album covers are mind blowing eyegasms and you can almost see the

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