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Let’s see…What’s in the mailbox today? All new artists!

To my great delight, up-and-coming electro artist Sun Visor messaged me with an amusing story regarding his(?) grandmother hitting the bottle. Let’s face it, an artist that’s willing to share stories? Bonus points.

While much is unknown about this artist (aside from his grandmother’s alcohol tolerance level), this much remains true: “The Owl and the Crow,” Sun Visor’s four minute journey through ambient flows of synthesizer and barely spoken vocals is a near instant pleasure. Cyclical in rhythm like a track off of an M83 album, “Owl and the Crow” moans in and out with light electronica intonations, drifting space-age beats, and an ethereal chorus line. Between his grandmother and his calming beats, I can’t tell what I’m looking forward to hearing from him next!

DL: Sun Visor – The Owl And The Crow

Then, there’s a new track from Microfilm. I recently wrote about them a few months ago. It seems that Matt & Matt have been struck with some holiday spirit, and have accordingly served up a nice glass of eggnog with a hit of glitter for us.

According to Microfilm, “There’s No Snow Here (For Christmas)” is an “upbeat holiday song…so clear the floor for dancing!” Well, they can say that all they want, but this track’s distant glittering and filtered vocals still makes me want to tie a noose on before attending to the dance floor. Note: That’s not a criticism…That’s just sad disco for you.

DL: Microfilm – There’s No Snow Here (For Christmas)

I’ve also received two rather random remixes of tracks by a group known as Opera House, called “Filthy Dukes” and “Vandal.” Coincidentally, both tracks operate in a nearly identical fashion, kicking in properly around the one minute mark. From there on, expect two rather proper corkers. A real cowbells, hands-in-the-air, razz-a-ma-tazz sort of deal. Know what I’m sayin’?

DL: Opera House – Filthy Dukes (Club Version)
DL: Opera House – Vandal (Club Version)

Finally, I’ve got a brand new remix of Brit Brit’s “Gimme More” from Austrian D-I-Y music producer, Milo Mills. The MLSB remix is a somewhat unexpected reinterpretation of the raunchy romp that is “Gimme More,” implementing mid-tempo break-beat rhythms and guitar strums and relaxing the track into a more subdued affair. It’s curious at best, though still worthy of a listening.

DL: Britney Spears – Gimme More (MLSB Remix)

Utada: Come Back To Me

Utada: Come Back To Me

Now this is the stuff of birthday celebration!

MuuMuse Presents: The Best Singles of 2008

MuuMuse Presents: The Best Singles of 2008

Obnoxious I know, considering that I’ve only just posted the Best Albums

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