It wouldn’t be (My) December without a heaving helping of new holiday tunes.

Luckily, our faithfully flaw-free chanteuse Kelly Clarkson‘s getting into the holiday spirit and keeping us toasty this season with her own offering: A gorgeous cover of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” which doubles as the first release from the über-talented chanteuse’s upcoming 8-track iTunes EP due out on December 27.

Drifting above a warm ‘n’ jazzy combination of trumpet and piano, Clarkson belts out a rill romantic rendition of the Christmas classic. Chills, as always!

So go ahead and settle in, pour yourselves a bottle of bubbly, and strike up a fire in the fireplace (or set a pile of your good-for-nothing ex’s clothes on fire in true Clarkson fashion), because it’s Christmas…Kelly style, y’all!

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was released on December 6. (iTunes)