A Campy Affair

With all the excitement (brouhaha) over the newest spring releases (including rumor of the Sticky & Sweet Tour Double DVD ready in time for March?) I’ve nearly forgotten to check back on some of the albums that have been in the works…Pardon me for my forgetfulness!

Nina Persson is releasing the follow-up to her 2001 solo album under the title, A Camp. But before she does that, she’s releasing a lead-off single, entitled “Stronger Than Jesus.”

It’s an arena ballad…Cardigans style! A subtle knock in the direction of the Holy Establishment’s Man of Honor, set to the tune of a sea shanty sway…I’m falling more and more with each replay.

I have to say though, the video was a bit of a letdown.

I mean after all, here I was expecting a glorious boxing match between the Holy Son and a massive, glittery heart-shaped mascot. (I’m picturing a very Steven Klein, Hard Candy boxing ring-inspired set here.)

It would be the fiercest of battles, as every jab and cross thrown by the Heart is thrown in vain; blocked by the power of Christ, which would prove to be quite compelling. As the song built up to its grand finale, the heart would deliver a final, crippling one-two punch directly into the crown of Christ…A stunning defeat!

Upon backing away from the carnage, the heart would turn away slowly, face the camera, and remove its atriums (atriui?) to reveal a demure Leona Lewis, who would then launch into a rather dull, torch song rendition of “Bleeding Love,” as fireworks shot out from her ventricles/ass like a glorious, flaming peacock at the X Factor finale.

Too much to ask? Not enough, my friends…Not enough.

Besides, I believe Beyoncé did something like this already.

DL: A Camp – Stronger Than Jesus (Mediafire)

Daily B: References Vagina, Harkens Back To Good Times.

Daily B: References Vagina, Harkens Back To Good Times.

In honor of my birthday, Britney‘s either gone batshit crazy once more, or

Utada: Keeps Coming Back

Utada: Keeps Coming Back


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