Daily B: Dirty Mouth? Clean It Up!

All the boys and all the girls are begging to–OH MY GOD.

I am absolutely in L-O-V-E with the ridiculous buzz heading into the “If U Seek Amy” campaign.

Britney has unexpectedly struck fear into the hearts of millions once again with her dirt-smeared potty mouth, and now FOX wants you to know that your children are no longer safe.

Pure, hedonistic filth.

Now go turn on the radio for your kids again while we dispose of this trash–I think that T-Pain character might be playing right now! Oh, these kids and their zany tunes.

Just for once, I find myself in agreement with Perez…This is, indeed, unintentionally hilarious.

Alesha Dixon: Breathing Easy

Alesha Dixon: Breathing Easy

Yet another surprise for the day: Alesha Dixon currently finds herself at #13 on

Daily B: If You Do Your Homework…

Daily B: If You Do Your Homework…

…Baby, I will give you more

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