Alesha Dixon: Breathing Easy

Yet another surprise for the day: Alesha Dixon currently finds herself at #13 on the UK charts with “Breathe Slow,” a position based on downloads alone! The single is not due for a physical release for another two weeks.

Surely the video must have helped. Perhaps all Alesha needed was to take heed of her own music and breathe for a minute. From “Lipstick” to “The Boy Does Nothing,” the woman does nothing but riff and scat her way through the melodies at a cheetah’s pace without missing a beat and a-woo-woo-woo!

Can’t you just hear that last bit in her scratchy, cat voice? Because I can…And now I’m hearing “Knockdown” on repeat in my mind.

Then again, the mixes are rather brilliant.

“Breathe Slow” is due for release on February 9 in the UK.

Click here to pre-order “Breathe Slow” now!

Utada: Hitting The Boob Tubes

Utada: Hitting The Boob Tubes

According to Video Static, Anthony Mandler will be directing Utada‘s

Daily B: Dirty Mouth? Clean It Up!

Daily B: Dirty Mouth? Clean It Up!

All the boys and all the girls are begging to–OH MY GOD

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