Can you hear that? Yes, Muusers: It’s the sound of the Holy Spearit flowing through your speakers.

“Whiplash” is the latest leak from Selegenda Gomezmerizing‘s upcoming studio album When The Sun Goes Down, produced by bouncy-pop maestro Greg Kurstin and co-penned by Electrocute‘s Nicole Morier (“Heaven On Earth,” “Mmm Papi”) and the living legend herself, Godney Spears.

The song is essentially what would happen if Rachel Stevens were to make her grand return in 2011, hovering somewhere in between the brilliant electro-glitter of “Some Girls” and “Waiting Game.” It’s fucking fantastic: It’s got a real gritty, sauntering beat, spacey synthesizers and even includes spoken word bridges done in a British accent…and you just KNOW Britney came up with that shit.

STUCK. ON. REPEAT. Come on and take me to the other side!


When The Sun Goes Down will be released on June 28. (iTunes)