Let’s talk about phonography, shall we?

Hmmm? Tired of the track already? Then how about a little….rrrremix?

From the makers of the “Circus” remix that rapidly rose up the Hype charts weeks ago, BitchSLAPHappy is back with a new remix of Britney‘s brilliant bonus track, “Phonography.”

It’s Hi-NRG, it’s blip-glitchy…Basically, it’s hot goods. Plus, the mix brings the song somewhat closer in style to a souped up version of Kylie Minogue‘s “Speakerphone,” which is always a welcome comparison in my world.

Okay, so maybe that has everything to do with the repetition of the word “speakerphone.” Whatever, it’s closer now.

Pump it up!

DL: Britney Spears – Phonography (BitchSLAPhappy Speakerphone Remix) (Sharebee)

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