Get Into The Groove…

Groove Armada is back!

Blending tingling electronica flourishes and blaring horns from yesteryear, the boys of the Armada deliver yet another smoldering dancefloor stormer with their latest track, “Go.” With a sassy, swanky sophistication on par with that of a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, Groove Armada’s latest track marks a bold step away from their usual massive dancehall mega-tracks. Instead, with the aid of vocals from the fabulous Ms. Saint Saviour from The RGB’s, “Go” takes its time to slowly unwind and sizzle out through the speakers.

Oh, and this ain’t your grandma’s recording. Well actually, it kind of is. See…”Go” was recorded live, vocals and all–A brilliant touch that remains nearly undetectable in the track’s seamless production.

The single is a part of the new Bacardi program, B-Live Share, an innovative new music sharing campaign designed to encourage sharing music between others! A novel idea, really. The idea is that the more you share the track with friends, the sooner you’ll receive the next three Groove Armada tracks from their EP. I’ll be sure to review the compilation in full upon collecting all four tracks!

The full EP is as follows:

1. Go
2. Pull Up (Crank It Up)
3. Drop the Tough
4. El Padrino

Once you sign up, you’re good to go with “Go.” So whatcha waiting for?

Download “Go” now!

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