Kaseo: Kill The Radio

I’ll admit: I’m a sucker for a track with the word “radio” in it. Doesn’t matter the genre, nor the beat…I just can’t seem to stray from the mention of the all-but-forgotten form of media.

It comes as no surprise then that “Kill The Radio,” the first single from newly formed Australian electro duo, Kaseo, suits me just dandy.

While the three minute ruff-electro screecher would probably work out better as a musical genre encyclopedia than a single, it’s danceable enough to make the cut. Though it’s hard to establish a “sound” for a group with only one track, Kaseo appears to be a bit like Shiny Toy Guns, but with a poppier female vocal.

And now, we have the Don Diablo mix of the track fo’ free, which currently has more spins than the original track on the band’s MySpace. Kill it!

DL: Kaseo – Kill The Radio (Don Diablo Remix) (Mediafire)

From Singapore To Japan…

From Singapore To Japan…

…How does one define the concept of a “B-side” again?

Boys Kissing Girls And Such

Boys Kissing Girls And Such

God, I can’t seem to stray away from her!

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