Selena Gomez, survivor of an entire year without rain, and Zedd, of “Clarity” and “Stay The Night” and “Break Free” dance floor greatness, have been teasing their collaboration, “I Want You To Know,” for approximately 30 million years on Instagram.

The two completely platonic work place colleagues planned to premiere their tune on radio tomorrow, but since nothing is sacred in this world, it’s arrived a bit early. And it’s…thunderously average!

The tune is thoroughly by-the-numbers, following the build-up-to-beat-breakdown blueprint to success. Selena sounds good, if not entirely one-note, as she twirls on top of Zedd’s pulsating beat. (That’s not a euphemism, but maybe it is.) For a Zedd production, it’s somewhat underwhelming, considering the almighty quality of the songs in which he’s usually involved. (“This is! The part when!“)

It’s no “Stars Dance,” nor is it a “Break Free”…but it’ll do, Zeddlena. Average greatness will do.

I want you to know that it’s our time/You and me bleed the same light…