The Most Anticipated Korean-Turned-American Debut Of 2009

BoA is living up to her single’s name and eating the world up. No literally, she’s certainly doing enough to merit a Daily B in her own right!

First of all, BoA is releasing her second Greatest Hits compilation in Japan, featuring every single since “DO THE MOTION” and re-recorded versions of fan favorites, “VALENTI” and “Meri Kuri” (my favorite!) The release will be called BEST&USA and is set to be tied together in a 2-CD set with her English album on March 18. A marketer’s dream!

Then, BoA has found time to record her 27th Japanese single “Eien/Universe/Believe in LOVE,” a TRIPLE A-side due for release on February 18 in roughly thirty five thousand different formats (as is slowly becoming the trend in the J-Pop market). There’s a CD version, the CD+DVD, and then limited versions of each one featuring special bonus tracks and clips. Simply speaking, it’s impossible to keep track.

As for the lead single “Eien,” I remain unimpressed. It’s a pretty sub-standard R&B offering with some nice, melodious electro undercurrents going on, but the song is simply forgettable after the first play. In other words…A standard Japanese release from BoA.

Far more interesting to me are the A-sides from the single. The second will be a Bloodshy & Avant produced track with Crystal Kay and Verbal from M-Flo called “Universe.” Though it hasn’t leaked yet, there are far too many factors suggesting the track’s potential epic-nessity.

And then there’s the third, an acoustic version of a song recently recorded with Ravex called “Believe In LOVE.”

Let’s shift gears to the original version of the track. Essentially, “Believe In LOVE” is a dream come true for fans wishing that our superstar would branch out into newer, experimental genres. The song marries the ceaseless, rich ambient nature of an Eri Nobuchika track with BoA’s rich vocal abilities. I’ll admit that I’d like to hear Eri’s take on the track (where is she, lately?!), but I am nonetheless thoroughly impressed by this elegant arrangement. It’s certainly the most interesting thing she’s done in Japan for years!

Also, according to news reports, BoA has been recording with Sean Garrett and Brian Kennedy, two massive pop producers responsible for some of the hottest Fergie, Britney, and Rihanna tracks. Check out the final tracklisting for the English album:

01 I Did It For Love (featuring Sean Garrett)
02 Energetic
03 Did Ya
04 Look Who’s Talking
05 Eat You Up
06 Obsessed
07 Touched
08 Scream
09 Girls On Top
10 Dress Off
11 Hypnotic Dancefloor

Finally, slight fandom freak-out: “Hypnotic Dancefloor”? Cool! Is “Girls On Top” an English version of the very same hit song from 2005?! OMG! Watch out, America. Err, not that the general public would embrace the track, but still…Step it back now.


DL: Ravex – Believe In LOVE (Featuring BoA) (Sharebee)

BoA’s self-titled debut English album will debut worldwide on March 17.

Click here to purchase BoA’s English single, “Eat You Up.”

Click here to pre-order BoA’s upcoming Japanese single “Eien,” featuring the ballad version of “Believe In LOVE” and here to pre-order BEST&USA.

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