Chris Brown Hits, Misses Grammys

Chris Brown is currently being investigated on charges of alleged domestic abuse. As a result, both he and Rihanna have just canceled their appearances at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, which are being broadcast LIVE tonight at 8 PM EST.

The Grammys are due to begin right NOW.

I can only begin to imagine what’s about to go down in this last minute scramble to cover these missed performances. SO. JUICY.

Let us wait and see!

EDIT: Nothing happened at the show, and as per usual, I gave up watching halfway through the program. Katy Perry was an utter shit-show and Justin Timberlake proved to be an adept last minute selection.

At least the BRITS are coming up soon on February 18!

Kate Havnevik: Halo

Kate Havnevik: Halo

First off, let me just say this: No, this is not a cover of Beyoncé‘s

Come Back To Mix

Come Back To Mix

Yeah, yeah…I know

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