Daily B: If U Film Amy

According to X17 and In Touch Weekly, Britney is shooting the video for “If U Seek Amy” as we…type.

An account of the set-up:

“The dancers are all dressed in metallic colors, and shiny tights. They look awesome, with sequins all over their outfits … When she [Britney] works, she is into it and gets it done. She looks great and is so fun to work with. She is funny and professional and has tons of energy today.”

Metallic? Sequins?! Oh, HAYYYLL yes. I’m thinking they’re looking at a cast of characters to tie in with the Circus theme. A futuristic freak show, perhaps!

I hope this is the most outlandish, outrageous thing she’s ever done. I want David LaChapelle-like pandemonium on set: Men on stilts, paquent queens, porn stars, clowns, muscle men, and everything in between. Make it hot, make it ugly, make it everything the censors don’t want their little darlings to see…Push it to the extreme, Britney!

Bat For Lashes: Glass

Bat For Lashes: Glass

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Regarding Ze Gaga

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