Introducing…Polly Scattergood!

Consider this my Find of ’09.

Polly Scattergood (I’ll take a brief moment to dwell upon the surname) is the latest BRIT School graduate poised to debut among the growing panel of distinguished alumni, from Amy Winehouse to Imogen Heap.

If you haven’t already taken notice above, Scattergood evokes an otherworldly appeal; her robin-blue pupils piercing through a handful of over-exposed Polaroids. Coupled with a brittle, angelic body structure and arresting facial features…Juergen Teller, meet your latest ingenue.

Scattergood’s offerings have already garnered comparisons to legendary alt-pop chanteuse, Kate Bush, and rightfully so: Quirky, hypnotic, and intriguingly erratic, Scattergood holds potential to unleash a new brand of quality into the art-pop nebula.

Topped with a hint of Martha Wainwright‘s tremble, Joanna Newsom‘s urgency, and Björk‘s careful phrasing, Scattergood’s voice is but a brittle wisp of girlish fragility constantly on the cusp of cracking into shards. Give her some proper emotional coercing however, and Scattergood can truly blow, as evidenced within her 2007 single, “Nitrogen Pink.”

“Other Too Endless” is the third UK single from Scattergood’s upcoming self-titled debut album which is to be released on March 9.

With this new single, Scattergood quiveringly crafts a tale of gorgeously tortured love, albeit rife with complications and neuroses. As intergalactic electro-melodica intermingles with a coursing surge of drum beats, the songstress quiveringly indulges upon an oft-repeated mantra: “It can’t be real. No, it can’t be real. If I close my eyes, then maybe I won’t feel this.”

Denial never sounded so heaven-sent.

DL: Polly Scattergood – Other Too Endless (Sharebee)

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