Depeche Mode: Not Quite Right.

Here we have the forefathers of all things electronica and New Wave, Depeche Mode, performing their newest single, “Wrong” at the 2009 Echo Awards.

It’s all a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? I suppose “Wrong” works as a proper buzz single (in that it’s a minimal builder of a number), but something strikes me as particularly awkward throughout this entire performance. The track’s flatness? The lip-synching, perhaps? Hell, even Gahan looks as though he’s eager to burst out of his own skin.

I much prefer the demo of “Fragile Tension” currently making the rounds after the track’s leak some days ago. It’s got a bite to it, however unfinished it may be.

Now then…Let’s remember what was for a moment.


Songsmith Meets Starsmith

Songsmith Meets Starsmith

Craving some more Vincent Frank, anyone?

Introducing…Polly Scattergood!

Introducing…Polly Scattergood!

Consider this my Find of ’09

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