Kelly Clarkson: The Day We Fell Apart

Oh my God.

If this is supposed to be considered “bonus” territory, I can’t even begin to fathom an album track.

“The Day We Fell Apart” is a bonus track on the deluxe edition of All I Ever Wanted, Kelly Clarkson‘s upcoming album set to drop on March 10.

Yet another stomper of sorts to add to the Clarkson collection, “The Day We Fell Apart” profits from a ceaseless drum slap, overdriven guitars, and a series of howls that could only be let loose by the one and only Idol.

Like the best of Breakaway, Clarkson’s writers have gone for the jugular in pop hooks. And, much like the tracks from that career defining album, “The Day We Fell Apart” hits hard: “‘Cause once I ran away / I loved you since the day / The day I broke your heart, heart, ha-ha heart!” she yelps in rapid-fire recall, delivering a near arresting burst of urgency atop the stomp-steady beat. Aside from a brief (if not slightly disarming) middle eight fade-out, the song continues pounding on, showcasing the still awe-inspiring vocals responsible for first placing Clarkson into the spotlight seven years ago.

My only point of contention? The slight dabbling into vocoder territory. There’s even a bit of squabbling amongst the pop community regarding the authenticity of the vocals. Honestly though, anyone who’s listened to a Kelly Clarkson song should have no trouble discerning that this is, in fact, Kelly Clarkson.

I know the usage is quite minimal, but there’s simply no reason to go the Autotune route while in Clarkson territory: We all know she’s got the pipes to prove it.

Otherwise, I remain blown away.

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