Namie Amuro: WILD

Sometimes, like a fine red wine, a pop star’s work will only mature and grow in quality with time.

Perhaps one of the most apparent examples of this maturation is Namie Amuro, a J-Pop superstar nearly fifteen years in the running–an incredible stretch of relevancy for the Japanese market.

Since the release of Queen of Hip-Pop in 2005, Amuro has successfully regained her footing atop the J-Pop stage. Since then, the superstar has done nothing but steadily one-upped herself sonically with each new release.

“WILD” is a part of Amuro’s 34th single, “WILD/Dr.” due to be released on March 18. Much like the masterful last single, “60s70s80s,” the new songs will be implemented into the latest Vidal Sassoon campaign (as seen in the promotional shot above).

Like “WHAT A FEELING,” “WILD” is a squealing, pulsating electro-infused uptempo number. With a thump that is purely “Gonna Make You Sweat,” Namie’s newest is a sweat-worthy stomper with a gloss of dizzying future sounds and manic vocals. In a word: Delicious.

Though it has yet to leak, “Dr.” is the track featured within the “Bourgeois Gorgeous” ad campaign (click above to watch). The track is said to be a mash of several styles of song, from R&B to opera, including a sample from ballet track, “Bolero.” Judging by the advertisement, it appears to be one, massive hot mess of song. Jury’s still out on that one until we can get the track in full!

We’ve come a long way from Amuro’s first single, “Body Feels EXIT,” otherwise known as the most unfortunate song title in all of J-Pop history.

For now, please enjoy “WILD.”

Now that is how you bring Pop to the next level, ladies and gentlemen.

Click here to pre-order Namie Amuro’s single, “WILD/DR.” NOW!

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