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Tonight, Illuminati Princess Navy Commander Rihanna took to the stage of US X Factor to perform her latest #1 single, the Calvin Harris-produced “We Found Love,” for the very first time on TV. And how did she fare? Well…


Replicating the look and feel of the ’90’s grunge-inspired cornfield rave scene from the “We Found Love” video, the Bajan beauty was looking all sorts of sexy in a big ol’ puffy bomber jacket, a plaid top and some ripped jeans revealing a fuck-me-o’clock garter belt underneath. Mmm-MMM, RiRi!

Ri’s live rendition was as heart-racing and euphoric as the accompanying track, filled with flashing neon signs, fireworks shooting from every direction, and some of the most explosive energy I’ve ever witnessed coming from the Bajan sensation. She was absolutely flailing all over that stage!

And apart from the on-stage moshing during those epic post-chorus beat breakdowns, there was even some actual choreography on Rihanna’s part–she was stomping the shit outta that stage! Like, why is this the first time we’re seeing Ri really cut a rug? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LI-I-I-I-I-IFE?!

The only major downside to the performance was that the backing track was far too loud, resulting in a weird and distracting clash between her live vocals and the actual song. Still, she trudged on like a champ–and seemingly had the time of her fucking life doing so.

Now I’ve seen my fair share of RiRi slagging over the past few weeks since the Talk That Talk era, so let me just clarify my position: I don’t care that she’s not the greatest singer. I don’t care that she’s not the greatest dancer. Rihanna is fucking FUN. Everything about her–from her personality, to her performances, to her music–is so thoroughly enjoyable and carefree. I adore her to bits and pieces. G4L ’til I die, bitches!


“We Found Love” was released on September 22. (iTunes)