Vote For Brad For Queerty: The Final Round!

Well, Muusers…Thanks to you, I made it to the Top Five to be Queerty’s Next Music Reviewer!

As a result, the morning nausea and night terrors are back with a vengeance.

But more importantly, the Final Round has BEGUN!!

So please, before you go off to work, or school, or synagogue…VOTE FOR ME TO WIN THE POSITION!! AND THEN DO IT SEVERAL MORE TIMES!!!! Take off from work if necessary.

To tempt you to vote celebrate, an assortment of delicious offerings, fresh from my buddy Faisal over at Ohh Crapp! Mmmm….Smells like fresh votee!

  • Andrew Hickey
  • Robert Maril
  • Joe John Sanchez III
  • Bradley Stern
  • Daniel Villarreal

DL: Lady Gaga – (Eh Eh) Nothing Else I Can Say (Pet Shop Boys Remix) (Sharebee)
DL: VV Brown – Leave! (Little Boots Remix) (Sharebee)

2009 Brit Awards: Reactions

2009 Brit Awards: Reactions


Girls Aloud: Untouchable

Girls Aloud: Untouchable

Never in a million years did I actually expect this decision

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