Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Zero

Yes Muusers, the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s upcoming single “Zero” from It’s Blitz has just made its way into the audio stream.

“Zero” sounds a bit like The Killers, if fronted by Santogold and produced by…Moby.

“Zero” sounds nothing like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

No crashing drums or howls on high from Karen O to be found here; just cold, calculated New Wave-esque electronica and guitar riffs. Normally I’d be all about the production in a pop song, but for the YYY’s? …Not their strongest suit.

As one fan noted, “Zero” is a grower, not a shower. But for the “their old stuff was better” crew seeking the impossibly raw, blood-n-dirt energy of Fever To Tell, this simply may not bode well for the band.

Let’s just hope that “Zero” is but the launching pad of the album.

EDIT: Upon listening ten more times this morning, I think I may like this after all.

DL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (Sharebee)



…like all other Nadya Ginsburg videos, is amazing

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