Come Back To ’02?

In an impressive bout of inexplicable decision making, Utada‘s record label has decided to ship the physical release of her latest album, This Is The One, with three ~new~ bonus tracks, 2002’s “Simple and Clean” (the one song you have by Utada Hikaru that you never realized was by Utada Hikaru), and the opening and closing versions of 2006’s “Sanctuary.”

Just what sort of fuckery is this, aside from an obvious plug to the Kingdom Hearts fans in America? The songs, recorded nearly five years prior to this new album, have no relationship to the album’s R&B-infused sound. It’s not as though I don’t adore these songs (they’re probably the finest ones on the record if you’re counting them), but packaging and presentation are just as important as sound. Slapping on these works simply because they’re in English does a disservice, disturbing the flow and cohesion of the record entirely.

I blame this on swine flu.

This Is The One
will be released in physical form on May 12, but you can purchase it digitally below NOW.


The Gossip: Heavy Cross

The Gossip: Heavy Cross

And now for something completely delicious

Young Love: One Of Us

Young Love: One Of Us

Well, today marks the release of Young Love‘s sophomore album, One Of Us

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