Kylie Minogue’s “Sexercize” Video: You’ll Never Look At Exercise Balls The Same Way Again

Ready to feel the burn?

While “Into The Blue” makes a splash over in the UK this week, Kylie Minogue‘s already got her lips pressed up against the next offering off her latest studio album: “Sexercize,” the smuttiest, most divisive track Kiss Me Once has to offer.

Subtlety? Who’s she? I don’t know her.

You see, Kylie’s gone ahead and cut straight to the chase in her latest clip, rendering your gym routine irrelevant and basic with an oh-so-intimate, sweat-inducing workout with an (s)exercise ball. (In a white leotard and heels, obviously — anyone who’s anyone knows that no workout is complete without a pair of pumps.)


Bounce, bounce, bounce…

Take the “Slow” video, blend in some “Chocolate,” replace that “Sensitized” bucking bronco with a pommel horse and take it way further into Sexy Town, and you’ve something that sort of resembles “Sexercize.”

The video will likely have some of Kylie’s faithful followers clutching their pearls at the sheer raunchiness of it all, while others may need to excuse themselves for some alone time. However, the majority of those watching (read: the homosexuals) may just be left scratching their heads wondering about the lack of Kylie’s signature shirtless dudes.

One thing’s for sure: She looks fine for sure — and more power to her for being able to flaunt that hot bodeh at 45 years old, running laps ’round girls half her age.

Me? I’m not mad (I happen to love the song!), although there are some elements that come across as try-hard — specifically the faux-lesbian bit at the end. (You’re above that, Miss Minogue!) Also, there’s no denying that fan favorites like “Les Sex,” “Kiss Me Once” and “Sexy Love” ought to be getting Kylie’s love sooner than this campy bedroom anthem.

But hey, everyone could use a little bit of gymspiration.


‘Kiss Me Once’ was released on March 18. (iTunes)

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