Girls A-Live

In just four days (Friday!), Girls Aloud will kick off their Out Of Control Tour in Manchester.

Thanks to reports from DigitalSpy and The Sun, we know quite a bit of what will be on display during the tour–in fact, we know almost everything about the damn show:

TEN tracks from Out Of Control, including:
“The Promise” (set to open and close each show)
“Untouchable” (from wires a la Dancing On Ice)
“Love Is The Key”
“Rolling Back The Rivers In Time”
“Turn To Stone”
“Miss You Bow Wow”
“Fix Me Up” (a raunchy twirl-about on stripper poles [?!])
“The Loving Kind” (in individual boxes, a la the video)

At least TWO tracks from Tangled Up:
“Call The Shots”
“Sexy! No, No, No”

A medley of “Greatest Hits” from their back catalogue, including:
“The Show”
“Can’t Speak French”

and most glee-tastic of all…
A cover of B‘s “Womanizer,” during which the girls will don their skin-tight PVC finest and dish out the punishment on their male dancers.

I’m loving the set-list…it’s utterly massive! I can’t believe it. The girls covering Britney? Getting to hear “Call The Shots” live once more? Nicola on a stripper pole?

I refuse to believe it until I see it.

Kaskade: A Grand Ol’ Time

Kaskade: A Grand Ol’ Time

I’ve been doing a lot of commuting these days–driving, mainly

Talk, To Me…Talk, Talk To Me.

Talk, To Me…Talk, Talk To Me.

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