Sky Ferreira has just unleashed a brand new video for “Traces,” the Neon Hitch/Colin Munroe co-penned track taken from her debut EP released back in March of this year, AS IF!.

Wait–WHAT?! No, I–I KNOW! I had no idea she was shooting one either!

Naturally, the clip’s all shades of brilliant: Produced by Hunger TV, the video offshoot of Rankin‘s newly unveiled bi-annual fashion/lifestyle magazine called Hunger Magazine (which features Ferreira on the first cover), the video captures the dirty blonde teen dynamo writhing and rolling around on a couch and sulking in front of a window, looking fashionably disheveled and endlessly flaw-free.

Oh, and she’s wearing vampire teeth. Why? Um, WHY NOT? God. Stop asking such stupid questions.

EDIT: Sky tweeted earlier today that this clip is just a feature for Hunger Magazine, not an official video, so…GET IT RIGHT.

Flawless Indie-Pop Princess remains Flawless Indie-Pop Princess TBQH.

AS IF! was released on March 22. (iTunes)