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If you’ve got some time, please read this new interview with Peaches for OUT Magazine.

I was quite surprised to discover how articulate and interesting Peaches truly is. She’s plenty to say regarding her music, her genre, and her fans (of all orientations), and even manages to namedrop Madonna and Grace Jones! Some of the highlights:

Do you find it strange or annoying that you have so many big name fans — Madonna, Britney Spears — raving about you and still you’ve never really been accepted by the mainstream?
I’m sort of the like the pioneer. The pioneer is always on the ground and everybody pushes off from that point. Personally, I like it this way. I don’t really want to be Madonna or Britney Spears. I really don’t want to be them. I’m happy they’re them and I’m not. I know that in the past and throughout the years a lot of people, even record labels, have told their musicians to be like me — a little bit, but not too much. I feel like I’m lucky because no one tells me what to do.

One of the most radical things on the new album though is this one little line that’s in “Trick or Treat” where you say, “lick my crow’s feet.” I feel like the idea of aging and sexuality —
You can look at Madonna in that way right? She’s 50. It’s controversial for people. Maybe they love it or maybe they think, “Give it up! You’re so old!” There are so many strong women who have so much influence on mainstream culture at this point, there’s no denying them getting older and still being a part of it. It used to be people making fun of older women and men dressing as them. It’s a whole new combination of ageists and the way we view age. There is the whole other side where people are insane about their Botox and stuff like that.

There’s something even more taboo about the idea of a woman not just growing old — gracefully or not — but also still holding onto her sexuality and being seen or presented as a sexual being.
Grace Jones. She’s an amazing example with her little ass sticking out at 60 and doing these fucking amazing and really hardcore shows. I don’t know if you’ve seen her new show but it’s fantastic and it’s not slick. It’s real.

Oh yeah, and she’s Jewish! Or was raised Jewish, anyway. The news only disappoints me, personally…just where are all songs with Yiddish double entendres? “Goys Wanna Be Her”? “Kvetch The Pain Away”? “I Don’t Give A…Feh!”? SHE’S SITTING ON A GOLD MINE HERE.

Clearly she’s got some work to do.

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Girls A-Live

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MuuBits: April 21

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