Hipster Sexy Party Fun Time!! Vol. 1

It’s that time, ladies and gentlemen: Grab those neon-glow shutter shades, dig through your ironic vintage tees, and go steal your sister’s jeans, ’cause it’s…

DL: Designer Drugs – Zombie (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
Hipster Intrigue: 10/10
Legitimate Danceablity: 2/10

It’s loud, it’s noise, and literally nothing happens. What’s it sound like? A cassette tape of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” being thrown into a cheese grater production line. Worthless, though it’ll score me loads of love on HypeMachine!

: KOVAS – Wax On, Wax Off
Hipster Intrigue: 6/10
Legitamite Danceability: 6/10

KOVAS both excites and worries me. I’m excited because of the crunchy, glittering stomp beats, but worried by the fact that his style and artist collaborations (Justin Timberlake, Ciara) seems to verge dangerously close to the edge of Timbaland territory. You’ll have to excuse the DJ tags, that’s how it came in the mail.

“Wax On, Wax Off” is the lead single off KOVAS’ upcoming LP, Reagan Babies, which you can listen to here.

DL: Major Lazer – Hold It Down (Poirier Remix)
Hipster Intrigue: 9/10
Legitimate Danceability: 8/10

This last one’s legit: An ultra smooth, pulsating baile funk dancehall sensation from the up-and-coming Jamaican producer Major Lazer. Plus, Santogold’s on the track! Err…I mean ~Santigold.~ What’s with the name switch lady? It’s totally lame.

With Diplo, Switch, and a dozen or so dancehall artists in tow, watch for his debut LP, Gun Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do as the surefire bet to set underground playlists ablaze this summer.

On a side note, check out PrettyMuchAmazing to see my featured review for Röyksopp‘s Junior!

Utada: Come Back To NYC!

Utada: Come Back To NYC!

Utada will be making the rounds once again for the physical release of her

Hurricane Now Headed Toward The States!

Hurricane Now Headed Toward The States!


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