Rihanna (Strip) Teases The (Very) Delayed Video For “Pour It Up”


The “Pour It Up” video is becoming something quite legendary in Rihanna #pholklore.

Way, way back in May (ages ago!), RiRi began putting in work (bitch) on the video for her moody, Mike WiLL Made It-produced Unapologetic strip club anthem “Pour It Up.”

Naturally, the Illuminati High Priestess began posting teasers on Instagram, including a shot of her in a Marilyn Monroe-esque wig and some stripper shoes and dolla billz (featuring President RiRi, of course. First order of business: Marijuana legalization.)

But that was back in May. It’s October-ish now. The video’s still not out. And as recently as a week ago, RiRi and her “Pour It Up” director Vince Haycock (who also directed Cheryl Cole‘s brilliantly underrated “3 Words”) openly aired their “creative differences” beef on Twitter.

But #phear not: Miss Fenty’s not letting her pole dreams go to waste.

Late last night, the Barbadian beauty uploaded a “Pour It Up” video audition tape from professional dancer Nicole “The Pole” Williams.

This audition tape happens to be one of the most impressive displays of pole-dancing — or really, just gymnastics in general — that I have ever seen, putting just about everyone, including Spider-Man, to shame. Somewhere, even McKayla Maroney is impressed. (Lindsay Lohan‘s I Know Who Killed Me striptease, however, remains unrivaled.)

The video also includes a few brief, blink-and-you’ll-miss-em glimpses of Nicole dancing for the glossy “Pour It Up” video being shot. RiRi herself is even briefly seen staring into the video monitors for a half-second. What’s it all mean? Maybe, just maybe, the video’s on the way very soon — alongside the release of “What Now,” of course.

Let us all hope, pour and throw it up.

Unapologetic was released in November of 2012. (iTunes)

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