It’s finally time–it’s the video premiere for Jessie And The Toy Boys’ debut single, “Push It (feat. Yelawolf)”!

Click below to watch Jessie Malakouti, her plastic entourage and a soaked gaggle of groupies get all sorts of sudsy in the aisles of a local laundromat in downtown L.A. With all the big hair, hot pants and neon glow, Miss Malakouti’s looking like she just fell straight out of a Jane Fonda workout video from the ’80’s! Positively ferocious!

The Don Tyler-directed “Push It” clip is campy, colorful, and chock full of fun choreography–what else could one ask for in a pop video? I absolutely LOVE it! Now…

Pu-pu-pu-push it!

“Push It” was released on February 14. (iTunes)