If U Mix Amy Continues…

First of all: The above? A DSquared promotional shot from the “Sweet Dreams” interlude. Stunning!

But back onto the business…

Could this be the greatest “If U Seek Amy” mix yet?

Quite possibly. Dan McKie effectively kills “Amy” with his club mix, a seven and a half minute kicker featuring Ms. Spears echoing those hallowed words on repeat above monster mix of raving synths and a stompy bass line. Make sure you hold out until the four minute mark, when the song takes a brief foray into the territory of Darude‘s “Sandstorm.”

It’s not perfect (and is in fact more a dub than anything else), but it’s still miles better than slapping a bass behind the song and labeling it a remix.

DL: Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy (Dan McKie Unofficial Club Mix)

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Britney Spears

BoA: Aftermath

BoA: Aftermath


Muusers, Put Your Records On!

Muusers, Put Your Records On!

It’s almost that time again…Record Store Day!

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