Muusers, Put Your Records On!

It’s almost that time again…Record Store Day!

This Saturday, April 18, is National Record Store Day, a celebration of all things independently record store-ish. Whether you’re in the mood for a 7″, a 12″, or even that elusive 3″, chances are your local record shop’s packin’ the goods for you.

Please, please head over to the official event website to see a full listing of all the delicious, exclusive releases set to debut for this special day across the nation from artists including Depeche Mode, Regina Spektor, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In addition, make sure you locate the stores closest to you, as dozens of artists are going to be playing LIVE in celebration!

Go ahead…snag an LP or two for yourself. It’s a piece of art, for God’s sake!

If U Mix Amy Continues…

If U Mix Amy Continues…

First of all: The above?

Snow Falling On Soviets

Snow Falling On Soviets

Like many of my fellow Muusers, I’m still in the process of sitting shiva

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