Kate Havnevik: Show Me Love

Kate Havnevik is sure feeling the love these days.

It all started with her first release this year, “Halo” a sweeping, celebratory reassurance that someone’s out there for all of us. And now? Now we’re just getting blunt.

“Show Me Love” is the second single off of Havnevik’s upcoming follow-up to her 2006 album, Melankton. Inspired by a lonely stay in Krakow. Bitter about the culture gap, she decided to create “Show Me Love,” a bubbling, dancey celebration in the name of all things, well…love. Regarding the song’s lyrics:

Its all about curiousity and wanting discover and experience love and goodness, but not knowing how to find it, feel it and deal with it, being a bit lost and needing some guidance. Adolesence, innosence, passion, wanting to discover and feel something beautiful. The end of one love is the beginning of a new one…

I think we all could do with showing eachother some more love at times.


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Kate Havnevik - Show Me Love - Single

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