Florence + The Machine – “Shake It Out”

After unleashing buzz single “What the Water Gave Me” a few weeks ago, Florence + The Machine has officially kicked off her/their second album campaign with the release of the Paul Epworth-produced lead single “Shake It Out,” set to premiere on UK radio today. So…how is it?

Breathe. It’s absolutely amazing, truly.

Like so much of what made Lungs one of the greatest debut records of the past 10 years, “Shake It Out” finds Welch delivering her signature romantically macabre lyricism within her safe space–that is, the crashing sounds of tambourines, drums, dramatic string-work and church organs with all the mournful intensity of a funeral procession.

Yet “Shake It Out” is more of a triumphant moment than the angst and beautiful tragedy of, say, “Cosmic Love”–Florence Welch style, anyway: “Tonight I’m done with my graceless heart / So tonight, I’m going to cut it out and then restart,” the chanteuse cries. I mean…that’s one way to start over. I myself prefer a new haircut.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn,” Welch assures us throughout her stunning, almighty new single. That’s Florence Welch for you: Glass is always half full! (Of brimstone and blood, that is.)

“Shake It Out” is the lead single from Ceremonials, released October 30 in the UK and November in the US. (iTunes)