Kelis: Bringing the Boyz To The Yard

I’ve also held a soft spot in my heart for Kelis: She’s fresh, ever evolving, and the creative energy seems to flow from her without ever trying too hard. Plus, she is responsible for a little song called “Fuck Them Bitches,” which is in many ways the song I’d like played as I stroll into my high school reunion.

…Not that I’d actually go.

After the release of her 2007 album, Kelis Was Here and a slapped together Greatest Hits package called The Hits in March of ’08, we’d heard little about Kelis’ next move in music.

So what’s she been doing since then? Why, graduating from culinary school obviously! You can see those skills being put to the test live on her StickAm page, where she hosts a cooking show. She’s also been busy getting ready to have a baby boy with Nas. Let us pray he never listens to Mommy and Daddy’s collaboration, “Blindfold Me.”

As for the music, get pumped: Kelis plans to release not one, but two new albums this year! During a live video chat on StickAm, Kelis revealed that she was trying for a spring or summer single release.

Thanks to Kelis’ main fan site UltimateKelis, we’ve also recently learned that the singer’s been doing work with Diplo–two of which he previewed on a web radio show with Lil’ Jon! Head over to UltimateKelis to listen to the snippets (which are unsurprisingly delicious).

Plus, she’s been dropping some INSANE producer names on her Twitter that she’s been recording with, including Boyz Noize, Crookers, and Dave Guetta.

All the ingredients to one hell of a hipster-lectro crunchy hip-hop sensation of an album. Cannot wait!

Daily B: Rock Out With Your Amy Out

Daily B: Rock Out With Your Amy Out

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