Tiga: Shoes

I really do love this boy.

“Shoes,” the next single off of Tiga‘s upcoming album Ciao! is by far the greatest song written about and entitled “Shoes” since Kelly‘s 2007 single, “Shoes.”

The song (which apparently features Soulwax and Gonzales if the Wikipedia is to be trusted) is indeed quite brilliant.

Buckets of cheeky sarcasm, a healthy heap of funkified glittertronica, and a fresh-to-death video all help to secure Tiga’s latest as a musical and visual delight. And for those of you with a foot fetish? I can’t even fathom the fun you’ll be having with this one.

Now this is art, Lady Gaga…take note.

Bombs Up In My Face

Bombs Up In My Face

Around four AM last night, having already scavenged my apartment for any and all

Tooting My Horn.

Tooting My Horn.

I’m not sure if you were aware of this fact, but in my spare time

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