Selena Gomez: “Come & Get It” (Single Review)


After a year without rain, the drought has finally ended—thanks to an unexpected early leak from the heavens.

That’s right: Selengenda Gomezmerizing‘s “Come & Get It” has arrived. (It’s still not a Dannii Minogue cover, but it’s fine.)

While listening to the song for the first time, you might find yourself pondering aloud: “Hey, this sounds a lot like a Rihanna banga that I’d find somewhere on Talk That Talk! Also, why am I talking to myself?” Well, there’s a good reason for that.

The track was penned by Ester Dean and produced by Stargate, the same winning team behind “S&M,” “What’s My Name?” “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Rude Boy” among others. It’s very, very obviously a Rihanna reject that didn’t make the cut for her moodier, less accessible Unapologetic—even down to the actual lyrics: “Hate the way I love you”? REFERENCE.

Nonetheless, the Latina Goddess of Rain and Love Songs tackles the track with ease, moaning and groaning her way through every “na, na, na” and “ay, ay, ay.” She’s no stranger to songs that get stuck on re-pe-pe-pe-peat, after all!

“Come & Get It” is fairly monotone (then again, so was “Love You Like A Love Song”), but repeat listens reveal the song’s infectiousness: The chorus–especially with that stuttered chant at the end–is pure sticky pop goodness, the stomping beat is smutty enough to inspire a sick strut, and that whirring Bollywood-meets-tribal-electro synth sound lends itself well to some grind-up-against-the-wall make-out action up in the club. (I’m unfamiliar, but I’ve heard people do that sort of thing.)

Also, that dramatically crooned bridge that we heard in the 30-second preview (“This love will be the death of me…”) remains pure heaven.

Is it as instant as “Naturally” or “Love You Like A Love Song”? No, but it’s still a major tune. And beyond that, it’s nice to hear the radiant “Rock God” beauty get a little more suggestive with her lyricism: She may be young, but she’s got feelings too. And coupled with her brief flirtation with the debauchery of Spring Breakers, this is the kind of track that’ll help break the Disney cookie cutter mold once and for all.

So if you’re ready, come and get it.

“Come & Get It” was released on April 7. (iTunes)

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