Welcome back to the real world, Muusers. I hope you’ve all had a smashing weekend. I myself took an extended vacation into NYC, living la vie Bohème as I oft do, smoking hookah by day and selling my naughty bits by night. Don’t remember a second of the trip, but I’m sure I’ve had myself a blast. I’ve also got a tattoo of a baby llama. Not sure what that one’s all about.

And so, what have we come back to on this sunny, boring Monday morning?

Most prominently, the follow up video for Madge Padge‘s latest single, “Give It 2 Me.” Warner’s been blocking the YouTube uploads like mad, so you’ll have to make your way to Perez to see the thing in its full, multi-colored glory. I don’t have anything negative to say about it, per se. It’s somewhat visually captivating, featuring M-Dolla in a wide array of high class get-ups and intruiging vintage sets. She certainly works the camera well, especially when she steals an intimate moment with an oversized lamp.

Really though, this is just a video montage of an extended photoshoot. See the picture to the left? Just…repeat it across the screen in a multi-colored, high energy fashion. There are some neat pop art effects that offer brief moments of , but it’s otherwise a meaningless promotional material rather than a story or concept. Not bad, but not worth a second glance.

Riri‘s re-reasing her Good Girl Gone Bad album this summer, which was one of the best releases of 2007, just below Girls Aloud and Britney. Most of the additions to the tracklisting are a bit shit, except for “Disturbia,” the über vocoded up-tempo stomper that most bloggers have been blubbering about worldwide. Is it this year’s “Umbrella”? Probably not, but then again, when I first heard “Umbrella” last March, I didn’t think it was going to be last year’s “Umbrella” either.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, creator of an album with one of the greatest names ever (see: Trip The Light Fantastic), has proven me wrong and proven to remain relevant by posting two new songs on her MySpace, “Off & On” and “Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer.” The first one sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same Calvin Harris produced song that Róisín Murphy chose to chuck off of her brilliant album, Overpowered after “creative differences.” A pop sham? Of course! One of the finest tracks of the past year, hands down. It was naturally quite thrilling to hear that there was another version floating around! Sophie’s natural, unaffected spin on the track is refreshing…especially her accent. Gotta love that reworked ending, as well. “Heartbreak…” too is wonderful, if a bit lacking. I wish it were Dannii Minogue on this one, personally.

Alanis Jumps The Pond

Alanis Jumps The Pond

Just a clip of Alanis on Graham Norton, promoting the new album Flavors of

Sucking On My Titties, So Milky

Sucking On My Titties, So Milky

So, this is the latest track to feature the multi-talented, single-oriented (get

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