VV Brown: Crying, Bleeding Love.

V V Brown – Shark In The Water

Well at least VV Brown knows how to release things thematically: First, she was “Crying Blood.” Then she tried to “Leave!” And now–what else? There’s a “Shark In The Water.”

With what could quite possibly be her first major UK hit (Lord knows she needs it), VV Brown delivers with the third single off of her still pending debut album, Travelling Like The Light, thanks to the help of a massive chorus line and a breezy, summer-soaked sway between verses. If all goes well, “Shark” may just provide enough sweetness for the public to want to sink their teeth into.

That being said, I can’t help but be disappointed by the video. I mean, come on…who films a video for a song called “Shark In The Water” without featuring either (a) a shark or (b) scenes in the water? COME ON.

Daily B: Euro Princess (Updated!)

Daily B: Euro Princess (Updated!)

It’s official!

Utada: Come Back To NYC!

Utada: Come Back To NYC!

Utada will be making the rounds once again for the physical release of her

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