Space Cowboy, perhaps best known for being the official DJ/slave bitch of Lady GAGa and having a few alright singles of his own (“My Egyptian Lover” featuring Nadia Oh comes to mind), is coming ‘full force’ with his next release. It is called “Falling Down.”

Well, that was an elaborate way of re-recording “Just Dance.”

Anyway, let’s weight it out, shalln’t we?

+ It is good, generally speaking.
+ It is catchy.
+ It features a call-out to RedOne and Cherry Tree Records, which is always a fun time.
+ It is not Lady Gaga.
+ It sounds like “Blue” by Eiffel 65.
+ It features Chelsea Korka of second runner-up fame with The Search For The Next Doll, which means Space Cowboy does not mind working with the ‘underdog.’
+ It can be considered the male response to “Poker Face,” much as Anthonio Mendes‘ “Annie” is to Annie‘s “Anthonio.”

+ It is still, essentially, a Lady Gaga song.
+ It is likely to prompt listeners to say “Hey, this sounds like that song about the muffin that bluffs. I think I’ll listen to that afterward.”
+ Easily unlikable after five plays.
+ Much like a Gaga single, it will not become popular until roughly a year after its release (approximately April 2010).

There you have it.

DL: Space Cowboy – Falling Down (ft. The Paradiso Girls)


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