Daily B: Desperately Seeking Amy

Hasn’t been one of these in a while…

Updates are slow on the Britney front as she prepares to embark on the European leg of The Circus: Starring Britney Spears tour. In fact, she’s vacationing at the moment.

According to Brit’s manager, it sounds like Europe’s in for some surprises when the tour starts up again:

@AdamLeber: Tour remixes are coming in and they sound incredible…..

I am entirely jealous and furious.

Additionally, Jive is continuing the trend of releasing remix EPs for each single. According to Britney.com, “If U Seek Amy” will be receiving the full treatment June 2 on iTunes! The mixes offered will be as follows:

1. Crookers Remix
2. Rizzo’s Remix
3. Weird Tapes Remix
4. Junior Vasquez Big Boom Remix
5. U-Turn Remix
6. Grayson Remix

Not going to revive the single’s chart record, but a welcomed addition to the collection nonetheless. Now, if only the remixes from this era were any good…though I’m sure “Radar” will deliver this summer.

Miike Snow: Miike Snow (Album Review)

Miike Snow: Miike Snow (Album Review)

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Daily B: "Radar" Cover Art Revealed

Daily B: "Radar" Cover Art Revealed

This is both real and actual

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