After premiering thee Collaborators interview series with the prolific Giorgio Mororder, Daft Punk has revealed the latest episode in the series—this time with another one of the most brilliant minds in music: Nile Rodgers.

The music legend discusses walking into a discotheque for the first time and hearing — of course, Donna Summer (the perfect tie-in with the Moroder interview!), fusing jazz with disco, Chic‘s first record (“Le Freak”), meeting icons in amazingly un-iconic moments (Bowie drinking orange juice alone at a party, Madonna opening for another act), and meeting and working with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories (“they were cooler than I thought.”)

These interviews are genuinely such a treat for people interested in the history of music, as well as the process inside the studio beyond the PR babble (for the true lovers of music, as Legendtina would SAY!) It’s doubly genius that the notoriously camera-shy duo has turned the attention onto their co-producers/collaborators instead of themselves and, ultimately, allowed the final product to speak for itself.

This interview in particular isn’t just about the new Daft Punk record—or even music in general. He’s got some truly profound observations and insights about life itself. But then again, that’s Nile for you.

Watch below.

“What do great artists do when you see a world around you that’s in turmoil? Some of the best artists make you feel good. They look to the future…”

Random Access Memories will be released on May 17. (iTunes)