Cascada Like The Way I Do

‘Like the Way I Do’: Cascada Returns to Rescue the Dance Floor

The legendary “Everytime We Touch” troupe returns.

Cascada, the legendary “Everytime We Touch” troupe, is back.

When it comes to German chart-toppers stateside, there are, admittedly, not many that spring to mind. But that barely matters when there’s one iconic dance trio that has allowed the nation to dominate on dance floors across the world for well over a decade. Of course, we’re talking about Cascada.

Not every Eurodance act has a hit that epitomizes an era, but “Everytime We Touch” – it’s a Pop Excellence fact that “every time” must be spelled as one word, just ask Britney – is exactly that: give it a listen, and you’ll be transported right back to 2006. Maybe right after you discovered Kelly Osbourne‘s “One Word” – what a moment we’re currently having for mid-’00s electro-pop justice.

If you’re cultured, you’ll already know that Cascada are far from one-hit wonders: they smashed again stateside years later with that “What Hurts the Most” cover, the heavily Lady Gaga-inspired “Evacuate the Dancefloor” and “Pyromania,” and even represented Germany at Eurovision in 2013 with “Glorious.”

Granted, their output has slowed considerably to about a single per year – but they’ve made it clear they’re not going anywhere.

Case in point: Natalie Horler and company returned to us on Friday (August 16) with a brand new single, called “Like the Way I Do.” And, in keeping with almost all things Cascada, they’ve only gone and done it again.

One of the genuinely impressive traits of the trio is that their sound has managed to shape-shift along with the musical soundscape at the moment, always sounding reliably on-trend – and then usually driving that sound into the ground. The cover art and music videos? Maybe not quite as impressive. But Queen Natalie still makes the most of a $15 budget, a fashion hat and a furry couch.

“Like the Way I Do” sounds nothing like “Everytime We Touch,” nor is it much of a stretch to imagine it shuffled into any of the current Spotify Dance/House playlists. Natalie’s voice also sounds as excellent as always, and the lyrics are deceivingly wistful – always a plus when it comes to a dance floor anthem.

We’d evacuated the dance floor for so long, we barely remembered why we were there in the first place. Thank you for returning to us, Cascada.

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