This is Esser.

Once upon a time, Esser concocted “catchy electronic pop songs” in his bedroom with no label or management. Then, the labels started swooping in, the Kaiser Chiefs had him come out on tour, Hedi Slimane took some nice pictures of him (see above), and a debut album produced by Lexxx (Crystal Castles) titled Braveface came out with his face on it.

My facts may be slightly out of order, but you get the point.

Anyway, Essy (as I heretofore shall dub him) is attempting to break into America (just like that other one, Kylie Minogue.) The first single from Braveface is called “I Love You,” and will be released in limited edition, 300 press vinyl format. The song is excellent, and the video entirely unexpected.

According to my early analysis, the boy seems both clever, exciting, and fresh, though perhaps nothing has swayed me quite so much as this one quote:

“There are always certain things that I find interesting within songs. ‘About You Now’ by the Sugababes was really great. It was all chorus – brilliant.”


Frankmusik–I believe someone’s about to give you a run for your DIY-pop money.

DL: Esser – Headlock

Click below to preview the “I Love You” EP.
Esser - I Love You - EP

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