This is MPHO. Perhaps you’ve read her introductory post over at PopJustice? I know I did. And, after deciding her single “Box And Locks” to be quite good and her face to be gorgeous, I decided to take a dive into the mini-mix of her upcoming album Beware on her MySpace.


I am quite excited by what I’m hearing. She’s a little bit of a poppier Santigold (her single “Box And Locks” is essentially the musical version of Santi’s frustration with music genres) with a more polished flow and a slight touch of Jamelia to boot. Summery guitar strums, swirly choruses, and fresh beats–I’m wholeheartedly feeling it. She just might be the freshest breath of air I’ve encountered yet this year!

The only problem is that the album isn’t even due out until October 19. Cruel.

What do you guys think?