Paula Abdul: Continuing To Mooch The Minogue

Paula Abdul has a new single coming out, and literally no one cares.

I wouldn’t either, except when I heard the single title: “Here For The Music,” which sounds curiously like the Kylie Minogue reject track, “I’m Just Here For The Music.” Knowing that the Forever Your Flop Queen already attempted to release Kylie’s “Boombox” months ago, it took a little bit of investigating to realize…

YES. The L.A. Times article names Danielle Brisebois as the songwriter of “Here For The Music,” the very same writer of Kylie’s own.

Paula Abdul is releasing a song done about six years ago.

I am the Sherlock Holmes of washed up pop stars, Muusers. (Abdul, not Minogue. Though she’s teetering lately.)

EDIT: She just premiered it live on Ryan Seacrest. It’s the Kylie song–if Kylie were auto-tuned to unholy proportions and the synth machine started sputtering out nonsense riffs out of nowhere. Plus, great news…she’ll be performing it live on Idol tomorrow! God have mercy.

Click here to listen!

This Just In: Girls Aloud Charts At…

This Just In: Girls Aloud Charts At…

#11, meaning that unless the girls perform a miracle and chart higher next week,

Sigur Rós: Two Of Hearts

Sigur Rós: Two Of Hearts

I’m fairly certain I love literally everything about Sigur Rós

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