A Night In Peaches: May 16 In NYC (Concert Review)

Last night, I went to Webster Hall to go and receive the Teaches from the inimitable Peaches. And, much to my surprise, I was neither punched in the face nor violated. I did, however, have a complete blast. And I got to meet Anthony (TastesLikeCaramel) and Hannah (SheenaBeaston)! Total douches, truly…I can’t even begin to explain how awful they were.

KIDDING! They’re fantastic. Can’t wait to go see some more shows with those crazy kids. Plus, they’re much cooler than I–they even got to meet her afterwards!

The show began a bit haphazardly: First, Drums of Death (originally scheduled to begin at 8) were stuck at the airport, thus missing their opening performance entirely. Then came the pre-Peaches event: The Naked Cowgirl, a woman of advanced years who sang cheap, sexual ditties while stripping down bare and jumping about. Generally, I was over it after the third song–until she lit her nipples on fire. That was kind of fun.

But then, out came Peaches…and suddenly everything turned awesome. The Queen of Nasty rocked out to over twenty four tracks (!), armed with a wealth of tricks up her hairy sleeves for the night’s events: Among them, climbing up into the balcony to scream out a slightly rockier rendition of my personal favorite, “Operate,” a green laser beam shot into the disco ball hanging above for “More,” hairy back-up dancers for “Talk To Me,” six or seven costume changes between songs, and a self-proclaimed blinking “pussy light” for the final few numbers including “Fuck The Pain Away.”

Performance wise, the singer proved completely capable of tackling her hits on pitch and then some…I’m convinced Peaches could be a full-fledged singer after hearing her knock out the riskier singing numbers “I Feel Cream,” “Lose You,” and “Lovertits.”

One major set and two encores later, Peaches had left the stage. Such a performer! Loved, loved it.

Now if only I could feel my legs…

EDIT: Check out more pictures over at BrooklynVegan (including a brief review cameo by yours truly…I’m quite the big deal.)

Quote of the night:
Gay boy to boyfriend: (overheard while leaving the venue) “Can you believe people would pay $180 to see Britney when they can come and see THIS for basically free?!”

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Introduucing…No Means Yes!

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