Introduucing…No Means Yes!

Alright, so I’ve been wavering on this one for a while.

After mysteriously receiving their single (“Would You Like That?”) in my inbox anonymously two weeks ago, I’ve finally come to the sobering realization: Yes, yes I think I would like that.

This is No Means Yes, a girl group on the brink of debut in America. (!)

Why I’m liking them:
+ Their names are small and memorable: Tanu, CJ, Kat, and Shea.
+ I’ve continued to play their debut single, “Would You Like That?”, for days now.
+Their growing promotion efforts reminds me of the proper hard work the Spice Girls put into their debut.
+ They appear to be able to dance in a manner that is not purely of the slut variety.
+ This rehearsal video seems to confirm that.
+ They ever so slightly remind me of the Sugababes. SLIGHTLY.
+ Lord knows, since the demise of Danity Kane (RIP), we need another female pop group in America.

Why I’m not:
+ This particularly hard-to-swallow sentence from their bio: “An Asian, rocker/rapper, an Indian soul singer, a Russian breaker/ballerina and a Jamaican pop princess forming the new voice of change and female empowerment, while striving for excellence and success through music… in a nutshell: the American Dream!”
+ They ever so slightly remind me of The Saturdays. SLIGHTLY.
+ It could all turn out to be quite shit after all.

DL: No Means Yes – Would You Like That?

Head over to their MySpace to hear two more snippets from the No’s: “Burn Rubber” and “7 Years Bad Luck.” Let me know what you think!

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