BoA Announces "Energetic" As Third Single, To Perform At San Fran Pride 2009

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. There’s BoA news on the horizon!

First off, the singer confirmed at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards the third single off of her eponymous debut album will be “Energetic.” A choice track, considering I’ve already established the choreography for this number in my bedroom months ago. I’m looking forward to another fierce ass video, but this time…more fans!

Additionally, BoA will be headlining the San Fransisco Pride 2009 (RIGHT AFTER SOLANGE KNOWLES!) on Sunday, June 28. Look at BoA embracing her gays! Love it. If you don’t recall, this was also the venue that Lady Gaga tore up last year when I was still going gaga for Gaga. My how times have changed…sort of.

And, if you’re somehow not in the loop and have no idea who I’m talking about, you may want to consult the interview I did with the GLOBAL. SUPERSTAR. in March.

MuuCast Episode One: The Beginning

MuuCast Episode One: The Beginning

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