Daily B: Britney Spears, Beacon Of Progress

Today, Gawker posted the contents of a staff memo sent by MTV executive Brian Graden after the announcement of his departure from the position of MTV Networks Music Group President after over 12 years of service.

Among the many silly quips and zings floating around his cast-off memo (which makes for a v. enjoyable read, so please do), Graden had this to say regarding his career:

That said, let me be clear: for 12 years this has been the greatest job in the world, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The good times through the hard times; from Britney mesmerizing in Catholic schoolgirl uniform through Britney stupefying in her “Gimme More” performance to Britney yet again dominating the 2008 VMA’s. Yes, I measure my career in “Britney’s”, don’t we all?

You best believe I do.

Electrik Red: How To Be A Lady Volume 1 (Album Review)

Electrik Red: How To Be A Lady Volume 1 (Album Review)

Well, this review ought to divide my readers

Air Would Love 2, Thank You.

Air Would Love 2, Thank You.

Sometimes I hear a voice in the back of my head pleading “Tell me how

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