OKAY, FIRST OF ALL: why does it sound like the song’s being pumped through a bathtub? Come on, Entertainment Weekly…seriously?! Totally ruins the experience.

Anyway, here’s the long-awaited video for BoA‘s new single, “Energetic.”

Things that it is:
– Flashy.
– Colorful.
– Glossy.

Things that it is not:
– Energetic.

I love BoA, but what’s going on in this video? Far too many jump cuts, and not enough substance. Honestly, she’s one of the most talented dancers in the music industry (“I Did It For Love,” “BAD DRIVE” anyone?), so why not continue to drive that fact? This left me feeling a bit…stale.

It’s okay bb, I still love you. You still looked fierce and fresh to death regardless!

Click here to check out BoA’s interview with EW, where she reveals why getting in a car with her could prove fatal. Oh, and that she and I are apparently about to throw down in a no-holds-barred cage match for Zefron.


I went to Atlanta last year and recorded “I Did It For Love” with Sean Garrett [the man behind hits for Beyonce, Usher, Ciara, and Chris Brown] and one more song is coming out for my repackaged album released in September — it’s the same as the first album but with added new songs. I also have one with Flo Rida, he was featured in my “Eat You Up” song.

I’m excited…I don’t really care how or when, I just want MORE. (MOAH?!)

Click below to hear more from BoA.